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Subsurface conditions cause many problems if not properly evaluated, characterized, and in some cases mitigated.  A foundation system not properly designed to account for the unique soil conditions of the site can lead to a distressed house or commercial building and associated claims or litigation.  A pavement section not properly designed or not properly associated with subgrade improvement can lead to premature failure and distress.  A geotechnical engineering study performed by a competent professional Geotechnical Engineer will reduce the risk of distress and reduce the exposure of the Architect, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, and General Contractor to claims or litigation by being a part of a design team that will properly engineer your site and development.

Please contact us if you need a proposal for a geotechnical study for your site (new construction on raw land, additions, forensic studies where soil movement is suspected, home builder structural warranty claims assistance, pavement thickness design and site preparation recommendations for new streets, etc.)