Capital Geotechnical Soil Sampling Services offers interior exploratory boring capability to 3rd parties through the use of concrete coring tooling and hydraulic push-tube and percussion push-tube sampling tooling (stand-up Geoprobe unit).  We offer this service to Structural Forensic Engineers, other Geotechnical Engineers, insurance companies, and Home Builder warranty departments.

To schedule interior borings, please contact Nicholas at  Pricing and site access information or requirements can then be discussed.  Our indoor tooling is set up to use 3-inch diameter Shelby Tubes.  Provide the following information:

- Project site address

- Project number

- Number of interior borings

- Boring location plan?

- Project Engineer contact information

- Accessibility conditions

- Flooring present at planned coring locations (carpet, tile, wood, laminate, stained concrete)

Note that Client is responsible for pulling and re-installing carpet, or removing wood floor slats.  Interior borings must be within 50 feet of an outdoor access point (door) where the power unit can be set (exhaust).

Capital Geotechnial Services tries to maintain a specialty tracked soil sampling rig capable of auger drilling, Shelby Tube sampling, and some SPT sampling, with a practical maximum depth capacity of 25 feet, for limited access conditions with relatively very flat topography only.


Capital Geotechnical Services also maintains a small truck-mounted geotechincal drilling rig capable of Shelby Tube sampling, auger drilling, SPT sampling with auto-hammer, to a practical depth capacity of 30 feet typical but with a real capcity of 45 feet in cohesive soils (non-collapsing soils).  No rock coring capability.  Hollow stem auger capacity is 25 feet.

Capital Geotechnical Soil Sampling Services offers exterior exploratory boring capability through the use of any of 3 machines depending on your site accessibility:

Capital Geotechnical Services maintains a Geoprobe 54LT for performing Shelby Tube sampling (percussion tube sampling) in limited access areas around homes, around commercial buildings or apartment buildings, and inside warehouses.  It also has a 2-inch diameter auger drilling capabiity for limited use to penetrate hard soil or seams of hard material.  Depth capacity in fine-grained soils is 25 feet.