The following companies and individuals are prohibited from receiving any further services from Capital Geotechnical Services until debts are paid in full or unless service fee is paid up-front.  Other geotechnical engineers are warned to do business with these individuals or entities with extreme caution.

  • Eric B. Erickson, Developer/Builder, Austin, Texas (failure to pay for services)

  • Bill Maulding, Titan Custom Homes and subsequently Skyland Custom Homes (failure to pay for services).

  • LOC-Civil Consultants (failure to pay for services; legal action used to collect) (future projects require payment up front); not to be confused with LOC-Structural (an excellent firm).

  • Bella Vita Custom Homes (now bankrupt) and Steven A. Clem (failure to pay for services)

  • Elgin Agrarian Community Development (Sean Garretson) (failure to pay for services)

  • Andy Williams, Moon River Homes LLC (took 2 years to pay; payment now required up front).

  • FW Construction Inc. (remaining invoice unpaid) (15-0199cmt)

  • Spicewood Diamond Inc. (Noordin Prasla; Badru Maredia) (failure to pay for services)

  • CC Contracting (Jason Lawson, Butch Canon) (legal action required to collect) (future projects require payment up front)

  • Real estate agent Francis Morales (Francisca Cruz-Morales), Realty Associates, and Aria Loop LLC (failure to pay for services)